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About us

When we started, our main goal was to offer something new and more, something that would be in high demand in our country, but there is a lack of supply. That is why we launched our site by distributing SEPHORA products, thus offering more than the already known cosmetic webshops. In addition, the deservedly famous French brand, the NUXE product family, was among the first to be included in our portfolio. According to our current concept, in 2020 the webshop will feature 2 foreign and 4 already known brands.
We found it exciting that despite the fact that the webshop is not final, we still allow the curious eyes to look at and buy from the products already available. You can experience the development of our site almost day by day with us: there will be significant changes in both the selections and the design in the coming weeks.
Our long-term goal is to make high-quality cosmetics available in Hungary in addition to well-known brands, which are not currently available.

The HanzaShop team

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