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Hairburst Shampoo for Curly and Wavy Hair

Hairburst Shampoo for Curly and Wavy Hair
Hairburst Shampoo for Curly and Wavy Hair
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This gentle cleansing shampoo is formulated without sulphates, designed for curly, wavy hair types. Cherry & Almond fragrance and are ‘Curly Girl Method’ approved. This works especially well with hair pattern types 2 and 3, for bouncy, refined and beautiful waves or curls.

The Benefits:
  • Curly Girl Method’ approved
  • Deeply hydrating without weighing down curls
  • Retains and refines curls & smooths hair cuticle
  • Anti-static properties
  • No sulfates
  • Colour Protection

Key Ingredients:

  • Almond and Black Oat Extract: Soothing, moisturing and skin softening agent
  • Amino Acids: Softens and moisturises hair, improves the feel of hair and adds colour protection after dye treatment.
  • Wheat Bran Extract and Camellia Oil: Supports with volume control, cuticle sealing and improves strength of hair.
  • Hydrolysed Wheat Protein: Repairing, restructuring and protecting from within the hair shaft, it contributes to hair smoothness and leaves a protective film that guards against daily stresses.

How to use:

A must have in your quest for healthier hair growth add to your regular hair routine. This shampoo and conditioner should be used consistently. Top tip, brushing your hair before taking a shower helps to undo any tangles and makes the washing process easier, this also reduces breakage. Remember to use a wide tooth comb to lose less hairs in the shower. After you have washed and conditioned your hair, remember to rinse it with cold water to give the effect of shiny hair. Shampoo works best on soaking wet hair and conditioner works best on gently squeezed-out hair.

Packaging: 350 ml

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