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La Roche-Posay LIPIKAR eczema MED cream

La Roche-Posay LIPIKAR eczema MED cream
La Roche-Posay LIPIKAR eczema MED cream
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The LIPIKAR Eczema MED Cream by La Roche Posay is a medical device for skin prone to neurodermatitis such as neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis) it pampers the skin. Symptoms of inflammation Irritation Itching and redness of the skin are quickly relieved. Endobiome ingredients have a specific effect on bacteria that cause inflammation. At the same time, active ingredients support bacteria that are important for skin health and the skin microbiome. In this way, the cream helps to quickly alleviate the symptoms of eczema and neurodermatitis.

Instructions for use: Before using the LIPIKAR ECZEMA MED cream by La Roche-Posay, please read the instructions for use as it is a medical device. Apply creams for eczema and neurodermatitis to cleansed skin. The skin should be free of creams and other residues. Apply the product to the affected area of skin two to three times a day. A thin layer of LIPIKAR ECZEMA MED cream is sufficient. Leave on for at least 5 minutes and then apply further care products as needed. Creams against eczema and neurodermatitis are best stored in the refrigerator.

Indications: For external use, apply to intact skin 2 to 3 times a day, excluding ointments and other products. Store as cool as possible.

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