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Facial care

Facial care
Brand: Bioderma
Instantly illuminates and protects, unifies & brightens lastingly. Pigmentbio Daily care SPF50+ features LUMIREVEAL™ TECHNOLOGY, inspired by the dermatologists’ reference treatments (such as Kligman’s Trio), which reveals the brightness of the original complexion. It helps biologically reduce th..
7,399 Ft
Brand: Bioderma
Exfoliating cleanser for brighened skin right from the shower.Pigmentbio Foaming cream is a brightening cleanser that promotes the disappearance of dark spots and keeps them from reappearing.It contains a patented combination of active ingredients which regulates the biological mechanisms that cause..
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Bioderma Pigmentbio Night Renewer
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Brand: Bioderma
Wake up to a bright and unified complexion with the Bioderma Pigmentbio Night Renewer, a regenerating night cream for sensitive skin that targets hyperpigmentation.At night, skin switches to recovery mode, and its renewal process kicks in, which makes it the ideal time to tackle dark spots, loss of ..
7,299 Ft
Brand: Bioderma
Unified and brightened skin tone even for the most delicate areas. A Laboratoire Bioderma innovation, Pigmentbio Sensitive Areas is the first care product specifically designed to effectively address pigmentation disorders in delicate and intimate areas. This product contains a patented combina..
7,699 Ft
Brand: Dermedic
Active ingredients: Salicylic acid, Hydrogen peroxide, lactobionic acid, D-PanthenolHas antibacterial effectSoothes inflammations and regenerates epidermisReduces the size and number of acne lesionsAccelerates the healing of acne lesionsVisibly reduces inflammatory acne changes after the first ..
2,499 Ft
Brand: Mixa
Even for those of you with really sensitive skin, there is a cream that doesn’t cause any unpleasant reactions – the MIXA Anti-Redness moisturiser. Its formula has an 8% complex of ingredients collectively referred to as cold cream. It soothes irritation and provides perfect protection, making it id..
3,899 Ft
Brand: Uriage
A csomag tartalma: URIAGE OLAJTUSFÜRDŐ ILLATTAL 500 mlTápláló, extra kímélő tusfürdő, varázslatos illattal.Védi a bőrt a kemény víz szárító hatásától. Lágyan tisztít, extrán hidratál, óvja a bőr hidrolipid rétegét. Kényeztető ápolás, arcra, testre, babafürdetésre is.SILKY BODY HYALURONSAVA..
9,699 Ft
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