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Brand: Bioderma
Targetted care that moisturizes and soothes dry skin, prone to irritation. Thanks to copper sulfate and to a grape seed extract, Cicabio Cream helps to maintain the skin in its optimal environment. As for our exclusive and innovative Antalgicine® patent, it helps to decrease sensation of discomfort...
2,639 Ft 3,299 Ft
Brand: Bioderma
Drying spray for superficial skin lesions that require drying and soothing. Cicabio Lotion Spray uses its soft, effective absorbent powder particles to permanently dry surface damage and treat skin irritations. Its three active ingredients biologically help the skin's regeneration process. Its antib..
4,199 Ft 5,199 Ft
New, Improved Formula. Panthenol 5% + Madecassoside + Tribioma, with La Roche-Posay thermal water. Ultra-repairing soothing balm clinically proven to immediately soothe uncomfortable, damaged, or irritated skin, and to provide the optimal conditions for faster and better repair from day 1...
Starting From 2,549 Ft 3,399 Ft
Create the optimum environment for skin healing with La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Gel B5 Pro-Recovery Skincare, a soothing gel with an invisible bandage texture.Created to protect the skin’s natural barrier after it’s been compromised or damaged, this insulating gel helps to instantly soothe, smooth and..
2,999 Ft 3,999 Ft
Brand: Uriage
The Uriage Bariéderm Cica regenerative cream with copper and zinc is the ideal choice for the treatment of irritated skin.Characteristics:instantly forms a protective layer when applied promotes skin renewal soothes the skin and restores a feeling of comfort hypoallergenicIngredients:..
Starting From 2,639 Ft 3,399 Ft
Brand: Uriage
Characteristics:soothes irritation and rednessnourishes and softens intensivelyhas regenerative effectsfor use on the face and bodyHow to use:Apply an appropriate amount on the problem areas and let the product work...
3,359 Ft 4,199 Ft
Brand: Uriage
The Uriage Bariéderm Drying Repairing Cica-Spray body spray will ensure pleasant freshness at any time of day.Characteristics:maintains vitality and healthy-looking skinmoisturises and softens gentlytakes care of the skin on your bodysoothes irritationHow to use:Follow the instructions included...
3,199 Ft 3,999 Ft
Brand: Uriage
The product cares effectively for children’s delicate skin.Characteristics:prevents skin irritation, redness and itchingprevents skin from drying outnourishes your child’s skinsoftens and moisturises..
3,439 Ft 4,299 Ft
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