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URIAGE Baba Cold Cream Nourishing protective cream 2022

URIAGE Baba Cold Cream Nourishing protective cream
URIAGE Baba Cold Cream Nourishing protective cream 2022
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Nourishing protective cream with Uriage thermal water to care for and protect dry, sensitive skin. For babies, children, face, body, hands alike. Uriage COLD CREAM protects your child's dry, sensitive skin when exposed to the environment (eg windy weather, cold). Its rich, creamy texture provides a protective layer to the skin, making the epidermis more resistant to adverse environmental effects. Its composition based on beeswax nourishes dry skin, restores the protective layer, softness and comfort of the hydrolipid. Uriage thermal water content moisturizes, soothes sensitive skin and provides a comfortable feeling. It is perfectly tolerated due to its carefully selected composition. Free of parabens, odors and dyes, hypoallergenic.

To use: Gently massage into baby's skin until absorbed.

Packaging: 75 ml

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